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RVAS partners with or has been nationally recognized by the following organizations:
Petco & Petco Foundation
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    West Des Moines Animal Control

    RVAS is Iowa's leading no-kill animal welfare organization because we take the time to "solve" the problems that exist for every animal. This includes those organizations that we network as well.

    By networking with others, like City of West Des Moines Animal Control, we can help you find the "right" animal companion for your family...for life. If you don't find a companion in our organization, we recommend you contact them or by telephone at 515.222.3364 to learn more about one of the companions below needing a home. While we promote no-kill, many Animal Control units are city subsidized, such as West Des Moines, therefore, a companion's time is limited.

    You can save a life and rescue a wonderful companion by taking the time to contact these organizations and giving their animals an opportunity for a lifetime of your love as well.

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