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    Over fifty years of killing animals hasn't stopped the overpopulation problem in America. There are only 6,000-8,000 animal shelters in the US. Six million animals are killed each year by lethal injection because of overpopulation. This does not include dogs that got away and were never found, the feral cats living in your neighborhood, or animals who die from neglect and abuse. RVAS recognizes that doing things the "traditional" way is not making a difference. That's why we choose to be different.

    These are serious times, and we need serious people. People who are dedicated to joining our ground-breaking organization and end the senseless killing of these innocent lives by stepping up and making a difference through education and awareness while building communities who share our concept.

    While we absolutely love and welcome kind individuals who are willing to donate their time, money, sweat and tears toward helping us make a difference in the lives of the animals in our care, we also ask that you consider the reasons why you want to help. If you want to ooh and ahh and feel sorry for the animals, then we ask that you donate your time to a "traditional kill" shelter or pound. Their animals need your pity - ours do not. Ours are extremely well cared for and safe in their temporary homes while waiting for adoption.

    If, on the other hand, you wish to embrace our concept that No Animal Should Have to Die to Make Room for Another and desire to participate in animal rescues, re-homing of unwanted pets, education and fundraising, then you are most welcome to join us as a volunteer to help us realize our ultimate goal of building a New-Generation Animal Care Facility in our community.

    We welcome compassionate people who are willing to commit at least 8 hours a month to helping for a minimum of 6 months. You will need to sign a waiver of liability, be prepared to work hard, and conduct yourselves in a professional manner. We ask that you leave your companion animals at home where they feel secure. We will teach you the 'job' that we need you to do - and although it may not be a glamorous one at times, it will be a necessary one that will help the organization and our companions.

    Unless you are qualified to serve as an RVAS In-Home Care Aide, animal socialization will not be the type of work asked of you. Therefore the 'job' will not include walking dogs, petting cats, giving carrots or apples to horses or just 'looking' at the animals. It will include using your computer and telephone, shaking hands, talking to people, asking for donations, attending fundraisers, driving your car and finally; representing RVAS as a passionate advocate of creating no-kill communities throughout Iowa, beginning with our own.

    Volunteers are required to attend the Volunteer Orientation where they will be introduced to our organization, it's directors and our concept of building no-kill communities and stopping the overpopulation.

    Our volunteer programs are designed to educate and promote animal care and awareness while having fun. Many of our programs do not offer immediate gratification. They are designed for individuals or members of the whole family.

    Because we offer a wide variety of ways for you to particpate, many of our programs require a training session. These sessions will introduce you to our guidelines for that particular program to ensure that you will have a rewarding experience with our organization.

    For your convenience, a list of our volunteer programs, descriptions and their requirements have been provided, as well as, providing you with a detailed orientaion schedule with dates, times and requirements for our orientations and training sessions.

    Our events calendar will provide you with all the upcoming opportunities. RVAS is often contacted to appear at seminars, luncheons, volunteer fairs and more, so please check back often.

    RVAS is always looking for experts that can help us promote our organization's mission and promote our animals for adoptions. Opportunities include videographers, photographers, graphic designers, event directors and more. If you are interested in taking a leadership role in our organization view our "special" opportunities by clicking here. (Note: your browser may require you to "run" the active X control to view the opportunities.)

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