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    Special Needs
    The following companions are considered special needs and in need of your support to live a full and happy life. RVAS believes that every animal deserves a chance at life, therefore we do not let medical issues prevent us from saving lives. But many animals arrive with medical needs that go beyond our budget. That's why we created the sponsor program.

    By sponsoring one of the animals below, you are providing hope and the medical needs that these animals need to live a full, happy & healthy life.

    To sponsor a companion simply click on the donation button below each animal or mail your donation directly to:

    PO Box 312
    Des Moines, IA 50302

    Be sure and include on your check in the memo portion, which animal you are sponsoring and how you would like your name to read on our Save a Tail Sponsor webpage. For more information on their special needs email special needs info.

    If you are interested in providing one of these special needs companions with a lifetime home click here.

    We thank you in advance for your support!

    SPONSOR A COMPANION This sweet girl was surrendered at age 9. It was soon discovered that she had a fractured pelvis causing her severe pain. In 2009 she had emergency surgery removing her spleen when a mast cell tumor took over. Expected to live just a few months, she traded in one of her lives only to have stomatitis causing her to lose all of her teeth. Then in 2011 she had two strokes. Fully recovered from those, she was recently diagnosed with severe arthritis in her knees. Special food, pain management and consisten medical care has put this lovely lady on our SPECIAL NEEDS list. Please help her.
    Donate to CLEO'S medical fund, today!

    Lucky Female Shot in the face, missing half of her tongue, then adopted to a family who selected to make her living space their garage where she spent 10 years of her life wanting freedom...Sandie still has room in her heart to give unconditional love.

    This sweet girl needs surgery as the buckshot remains in her jaw shifting and pressing her nerves causing her pain.

    Help she can finally live a pain FREE life

    Donate to SANDIE'S medical fund, today!

    Goldie Goldie was found in Walnut Woods Parks after spending at least a week out there fending for herself. Despite her 8+ years of devotion to some pet owner, this little neglected canine had softball size fatty cysts, grapefruit size growths and several warts covering over 75% of her body.

    Goldie's ears were so badly infected surgery removing her eardrums was necessary.

    This sweet and lovable, gentle soul is still a loving dog, and resides in a longterm senior home foster where, she can live out the rest of her days being loved and cared for!

    Donate to GOLDIE'S medical fund, today!


    Miu is a sweet, gentle little lady, approximately 9 years old, abandoned by her owner and left outside to fend for herself. When she arrived into our care, she was quite beaten up, very cold, scared and hungry.

    After a general assessment of her health, we noticed that Miu had several broken teeth, as well as, many that needs to be removed. These bad teeth make it painful for her to eat. Miu is otherwise, a very healthy little girl.

    Miu was placed on the special needs list because she needs immediate care for her teeth so that she may be pain free and live a normal and healthy life.

    Donate to MUI'S medical fund, today!






    Class I: Lowest Risk. Young healthy dogs with minimal disease evident on radiographs, normal blood work, and no symptoms of illness.  They may cough only occasionally if ever, they only fatigue with exercise, and their chest radiographs are normal.

    The microfilaria which are the newborn children of the adult worms living in the heart and pulmonary arteries. The microfilaria are swimming freely in the bloodstream possibly in large numbers and it is the microfilaria which can (through a mosquito) spread to other dogs. The microfilaria are killed so as to keep the dog from spreading his or her disease.

    Heartland Animal Hospital will be providing and monitoring Jewell's heartworm treatment. For more information on the disease, it's affects and treatment, we encourage you to visit the following sites:

    Heart Hazard
    The Pet Center
    Mar Vista Vet


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