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    If you are a pet owner, you know how costly pet care can be when your companion becomes injured or sick. In the world of shelters and rescues, these needs are no different. RVAS remains true to their concept of no one dies to make room for another by caring for companions with special needs and disabilities.

    RVAS works with local veterinarians to provide quality of life care for sick, injured and disabled companions to offer them the happy and healthy life they deserve. By sponsoring a special needs companion, you can provide medical care, therapy and housing and give these companions a new shot at life and Save a Tail.

    Your donation is tax-deductible.. If you have lost an animal to cancer, disease or injury, remember your pet by sponsoring a special needs pet and giving them a chance for life.

    View our companions that need your support to overcome their special needs and disabilities to live a long and happy life and sponsor one today!

    For additional reading and information on special needs and disabled companions visit Special Needs Pets.


    Special Needs companions are those animals that require special care and medication, temporarily or for a lifetime, which will enable them to live a quality life. Such examples can be felines with diabetes, FIV, companions with heartworm, long term illnesses, blindness, kittens and puppies without mothers, and more. RVAS supports care and treatement for these animals as long as they have a quality of life.

    Disabled companions are those animals that have debilitating injuries. Such examples can be neglect and abuse cases, animals injured by cars and birth defects. RVAS supports care for these animals as long as there is quality of life.




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