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    When hearing about shocking animal cruelty incidents such as this one, the most often asked question we hear is, “What kind of person would do such a thing?”  We honestly don’t know, but we’d sure like to meet them to find out.

    The monstrous ‘THING’ that just occurred was that some person, or persons, put 4 healthy, 3 week old kittens in an empty Meow Mix bag and threw them onto a Madison County road to be crushed by oncoming traffic. But for the nurturing instinct of a family dog, the horrific plan almost succeeded!

    The Bag Kittens As Kerry (last name withheld to protect her privacy) came home from work and pulled into her driveway, she noticed that her dog, Reagan wasn’t acting normally, but was visibly upset and focused on what appeared to be a tattered bag of trash lying in the yard. No real surprise to Kerry since the dog brings home "treasures" to her on a regular basis, welcome or not. But on this day, the dog’s refusal to move and an unfamiliar sound coming from what now could be identified as a discarded cat food bag triggered Kerry to check out Reagan’s new "treasured" item. She soon discovered that the sound was the faint cries of a kitten. Without hesitation she reached down to look inside the bag, but was totally unprepared for what she was about to see.

    The bag the kittens were placed in and tossed into the road!
    Two tiny kittens, screaming and covered in the blood and gore of their crushed and maimed siblings, were thrashing about trying to get free from the viscera and out of the bag. Kelly quickly swooped up the two survivors and took them directly into her home to do what she could to provide some kind of care. As she bathed them, fed them and snuggled with them offering them comfort and reassurance that they were now safe, her empathy quickly turned to anger. Through her tears of rage, she struggled to find sense out of it all. 

    What was painfully obvious to her was that these kittens were intentionally put in a bag and dumped on the road. It was also apparent that the bag had been run over and that at least two kittens, maybe more, had been crushed; and that her dog had retrieved the bag from the road and brought it up to the house for Kelly to find.  How two survived was the real mystery, but solving it was secondary to her natural nurturing instinct to feed, care for and love these two tiny remarkable survivors.

    Over the next 12 hours, Kerry maintained a constant vigil that included hourly examinations looking for any signs of internal injuries or complications and bottle feedings every 3-4 hours. Little did she know that while she was encouraged over the kittens’ progress, just how frustrated and disappointed she would become over what was about to occur.

    Day Two...What kind of person...?

    After an unsettled night with frequent feedings and worry, Kerry faced the new day with little sleep and a yearning to understand how anyone could possibly do this to such innocent lives that were so precious and fragile. She also realized that her daily job was going to prevent her from feeding and caring for these babies on a frequent basis and so, she immediately began contacting shelters and rescues for assistance.

    Would you believe that Kerry’s pleas for help were unanswered or ignored by several local animal rescue organizations? About to lose faith in humanity and wondering if, after all the trauma these surviving kittens had endured was it even possible to find the help they needed to live a full life, Kerry come across one organization that actually listened to her story and offered her some help.

    Why Rescuing an Animal is More Than just taking them … somewhere else.

    At Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, (RVAS), Kerry’s call for help was one of 18 we had already received that day. Obviously, her needs were immediate and lives were at stake. We know that the first 10-12 weeks of a kitten’s life is extremely precarious and their fragile life systems can go from apparently healthy and eating well to sudden death within a very short period of time. Anyone experienced in kitten care knows how heartbreaking it is to lose one of these precious lives...and many rescuers refuse to take on these cases because they can't deal with the heartbreak of losing a life. The Bag Kittens - RVAS

    However, we didn’t take the time to debate the issue. Moving into emergency mode, our director made a few phone calls that quickly produced a foster and back up experienced in neo-natal and infant kitten care. Unfortunately, many people, including those who think of themselves as rescuers would have the story end with the kittens just being transferred to a foster home and eventually, hopefully, adopted. We have a different outlook on animal rescue, and as they say on TV…’but wait, there’s more’…we believe there is more to rescue than moving animals from one place to another.

    We asked Kerry if she would help us help her and the kittens by taking them to our Veterinary Health providers for their assessment and any treatment they may deem necessary.  She readily agreed and told us how University West Pet Hospital's staff greeted her and assessed the kittens’ condition immediately. Kerry complimented both the staff and Dr. Martz, DVM for the gentle and kind care to such precious cargo. She felt secure leaving them in their hands, and knew that RVAS personnel would be picking them up, and that these little guys (we believe) will start a new life!

    The Cats May be Out of the Bag, But Not out of the Woods!

    Networking is the key to a successful rescue, especially with neglect, abuse and cruelty cases. No doubt these kittens are going to need a little extra TLC to get through their ordeal. While their physical condition seems to be good so far, their psychological status is uncertain. No doubt, these little lives have been traumatized and thrust into the human world where we as humans can provide for their physical needs, but will never fulfill their natural mother's lessons of survival and love. You might say that they’ve been given a rough start to life to say the least. But, here’s where you can make a difference.
    The Bag Kittens

    Help us...

    Help them

    We’re able to answer calls like Kerry’s because of the financial support of individuals who are intolerant of animal cruelty and abuse and are willing to help save the victims of these heinous acts. We don’t have to tell you that Veterinarians cost money. Medical treatment and vaccinations cost money. Food cost money. Even the expense of transportation has become almost prohibitive. And yet, the calls for help come with increasing frequency, every day.

    At RVAS, we can’t turn our back on good people like Kerry and her dog Reagan who literally put their lives on hold until they could help these kittens find safety…and a chance to live.
    But, we desperately need your help. Please consider becoming a part of their rehabilitation by donating what you can now.

    We may even name one of these little guys after you. Now what kind of person wouldn’t like that?
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    A special thanks goes to everyone who has contributed thus far to helping RVAS save these two kittens and all the other abused and neglected animals that come into our care. We thank you for helping us give them a second chance at life.

    Brenda Bachmann, NE
    Linda R. Blakely, Iowa
    Cynthia Bruster, Marshalltown
    Jacquelyne Cassada, NC
    Crystal Unicorn Enterprises
    Sue Diaz
    Walter & Barbara Dobbins, IA
    Feline Friendz in Nebraska, NE
    Diane Flatt, TX
    Sarah Foltman, Boise, ID
    Jill Fox
    Kerry & Reagan, IA

    Amy Haas-Gray, IA
    H.E.A.R.T., IA
    Tina Holub-Sickles, IA
    Kim Brice Maurer & Family
    Crys Nelson Nield, IL
    Dawn Nelson
    Joseph S. Pundzak, IA
    Jane Scieszinski, IA
    Larry Shackman, NE
    University West Pet Hospital, IA
    Jill Vega, CA
    Victoria Van Voorhis, IA

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