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    Dogs Found - Ayda & Hunter

    At approximately 7:00 am on December 26, 2007, Thor and his owner were returning from Des Moines to Omaha, Nebraska when their holiday travels turned into a nightmare.

    Lindsey lost control of her SUV around Anita, Iowa, and found herself along the roadside watching her beloved boxer mix, Thor, bolt down the interstate. Uninjured, but shaken, Lindsey immediately began calling for Thor, but he was frightened and confused and continued to run. Even though she called him several times, Thor continued to run until he was no longer visible by his owner.

    Stranded on the interstate, with a heavy snow storm on it's way, Lindsey began making phone calls while she waited for her the police to arrive and for Luke to pick her up, who had to travel from Omaha, Nebraska. Worried that her precious dog might be injured, aware of the storm, all Lindsey could do was wait...and hope that someone would find Thor soon.

    After 4 hours of searching, Thor was not found and LIndsey & Luke headed home, heartbroken and discouraged.

    Lindsey begin to expand the search for Thor via telephone and internet from her home hoping that someone somewhere had rescued her canine companion and was waiting to find his owner. She had contacted Jan Black at the Red Oak, Iowa shelter to report her beloved dog missing.

    Ms. Black had the foresight to contact the local radio station (KSOM 96.5) in Atlantic, Iowa, where Chance & Dwight Will (Wiota, IA) and Taylor Dorsey & Bailey Smith (Anita, IA) heard the news of the missing dog and the desparate family that is searching for him.

    A young girl had seen a stray dog by their mailbox and told her mother. Apparently Thor was looking for a safe place as well, because he leaped from the ditch to greet the girl but instead scared her sending the girl running to the house and Thor running the opposite direction.

    Around 12:30 pm the woman heard on the radio about a couple's desparate search for their missing dog. The radio station provided a web link for more information, including a photograph. The woman and the young girl confirmed that, indeed, this was the dog that they saw by their mailbox. They contacted Luke and Lindsey to let them know they had seen Thor in the area.

    That's when the Will Family, Taylor Dorsey & Bailey Smith rounded up a group of people and began searching for Thor in the hopes to catch him and reunite him with his family.

    By 2:30 pm Thor was found safely, unharmed and waiting in Anita/Wiota Iowa to be picked up by his family.

    Luke and Lindsey set out for the 3.5 hour drive to pick up their beloved Thor. By evenings end, Thor, tired, belly full and home safely was resting comfortably in his bed, no doubt very HAPPY to be back home.

    Thor WAS microchipped, which also helped the many people who rescued Thor to return him to his rightful owners.

    A Christmas I'm sure that Luke & Lindsey Heppner and Thor will never forget!



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