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    Dogs Found - Ayda & Hunter

    Ronda and Danny's home is beautifully located on an acreage along I-35 near Williams, Iowa. Both of their dogs were let out nightly for their normal nightly routine before settling down inside the house next to their beloved owners bedside. But, on January 18, 2009 Maxwell was let outside for his final potty of the night and never returned. His owners began the frantic search for this beautiful member of the family.

    Ronda witnessed a car parked along the roadside on I-35 when she let the dogs out. She turned away from the door for only a brief moment to put on her shoes so that she could join her dogs outside for their safety. But upon her return to the doorway, only one dog was leaping towards her in the doorway. Maxwell, a beautiful 1-1/2 year old German Shepherd, was nowhere to be found. Ronda & Danny immediately began the search for Maxwell, calling his name repeatedly, in hopes that he had just roamed a bit too far. That's when Ronda noticed the car parked along the roadside was also gone. Her fear was now turning into a nightmare. Maxwell was believed to have been stolen.

    Ronda immediately notified police of the events that had taken place. Maxwell is a purebred Shepherd with a great disposition. Her fear was that he was lured into the car as Maxwell would welcome any stranger into his life.

    Ronda contacted RVAS, and we immediately began our Pet Alert! Program notifying all vets, rescues, shelters as well as, our large volunteer data base to get the word out as quickly as possible that there was a dog believed to have been stolen from it's yard.

    But on February 11, 2009 as the snow melted, Ronda & Danny made a discovery that no pet owner could prepare for. Maxwell's body was found outside just a few yards from their home. It appeared he was entering the woods just behind their home. They swept up his lifeless body and took him to their veterinarian in hopes to have an understanding of what possibly happened to their beloved companion.

    It is believed that Maxwell had a genetic heart defect and died suddenly of a heart attack...probably chasing a rabbit into the woods along their property line. He was hidden by a 6' snow drift, and that is why they did not see him during their search. Maxwell probably didn't feel any pain, and died instantly according to the veterinarian.

    Their hearts were broken, but closure is an important part of any loss, and Ronda & Danny now knew where their beloved Maxwell was. They notified RVAS of the tragic news immediately.

    Our hearts go out to Danny & Ronda and their loss of their beautiful canine companion, Maxwell.

    We have included Maxwell on our memorial presentation, so that we may celebrate his life and the love and joy he brought to this special family.

    If you have lost a beloved pet and would like to leave your own memorial...visit the Rainbow Bridge. This is a beautiful pet loss center where you can share your memories of your companion, as well as, speak with others who have also suffered the loss of a furry companion.

    Some other great pet loss sites are:

    Pet Loss Site
    Rainbow Bridge Site Index



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