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    On March 21, 2008 Kelsey Webb & Justin Bush discovered their beautiful and loving, Weimeranar ran off on their acreage out in Winterset, Iowa.

    Despite their search and rescue efforts, Bullet was nowhere to be found. Kelsey contacted local businesses, law enforcement and veterinarians hoping someone had seen him. But no luck. Kelsey, then contacted RVAS, where, we stepped into action with our Pet Alert! program.

    Flyers were immediately disbursed spreading the word to all volunteers, businesses, shelters, vets, rescues in and around the central Iowa area that a beloved canine was missing. Kelsey & Justin continued on foot through the timber on their own property.

    One week later Kelsey and Justin headed out on their daily search for their canine companion. But this day was unlike any other. Entering into the timber a little deeper, hey stumbled upon his body. He had been shot and his body was lying in the position as if he was trying to return home. It was later believed that their neighbors shot Bullet, leaving him to die in the woods, alone. The neighbors did not have any livestock, crops or children, just a hatred for dogs.

    Despite Kelsey & Justin's efforts to prosecute, there were no eye-witnesses to the shooting, therefore no charges could be filed. Community members were outraged, and voiced their opinions applying public pressure to the alleged "shooters" trying to get them to confess, but no concrete evidence was ever produced. However, the community kept a watchful eye on Kelsey & Justin's neighbors, so much so, that eventually they placed their house up for sale and moved. "Who ever knew there were such horrible people who would not care about something so harmless," state Kelsey as she told RVAS of the discovery of Bullet. "Thank you for posting him and helping us.  Hopefully something this terrible will never happen to anyone else."

    In the meantime, Bullet will remain in Kelsey & Justin's hearts forever. Placed in a beautiful urn, Kelsey & Justin feel that Bullet watches over them every day reminding them to smile when times are tough. Kelsey told RVAS in an email, "I feel sorry for people who don't love pets...they are truly missing the meaning of life!"

    Bullet has been added to our memorial page slide show.

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