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    As Iowa's leading no-kill animal welfare organization, donations are vital for us to continue providing the programs and services that have made us Central Iowa’s preferred animal care and rescue alternative.  We’ve provided you with a list of our programs and services so that you can choose exactly how you want your contribution to help us keep on saving lives. Please help us continue to be Iowa's leading no-kill animal welfare organization by supporting one of our programs listed below.
    Designating your contribution for our General Fund provides us with the ability and flexibility to operate our organization on a daily basis. Contributions are distributed among our many programs as needed to fulfill the needs of companions in our care, as well as, allowing us to cover the day-to-day expenses our organization needs such as insurance, license fees, etc..  
    Upon entering our care, each animal receives the very best including medical care, obedience training and behavioral assessment prior to finding them their new home. Your contribution to this program enables us to provide every companion the necessary medical treatment and training necessary, including any special needs they might have.
    Man & Dog
    Our In-Home Consultation and Rehome Programs allows companions and their pet owners an alternative to being "dumped" into a shelter environment. Using techniques like the canine psychology methods developed by Cesar Millan, National Geographic'sThe Dog Whisperer, 65% of the pet owners who were ready to surrender their animals because of behavior problems have kept their companions through our In-Home Consultation program. When rehoming a companion is necessary, our Rehome Program allows the companion to remain in it's current home, until a suitable new home or foster home is found.
    Rescue Animal

    Contributing to our Rescue & Transport programs enables RVAS to save all lives.

    By networking with Animal Control, Shelters & Rescues, we are able to make connections for companions that would, in other situations be killed. We offer assistance by partnering with national organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society, Dogs Deserve Better, The Wild Animal Sanctuary and Dogs Deserve Better , to name a few.
    Animal Abuse

    Molly's Fund was founded in memory of a beautiful Golden Retriever, Molly, who lost her life from the result of a hanging. Still unresolved, Molly is just one example of the many companions that fall victim to abuse, neglect and criminal activity every day in Iowa alone.

    Your contribution enables us to investigate neglect & abuse complaints, offer assistance to local law enforcement, provide rewards for those convicted of crimes, and provides the necessary funding to enforce Iowa's animal rights laws.

    Spay & Neuter

    An unaltered female cat, her mate and all of her offspring, producing 2 litters per year, with 2.8 surviving kittens per litter can total 370,092 homeless, unwanted and stray kittens in just 7 years! Millions of companion animals are euthanized every year or die horrible deaths because of one animal not being spayed or neutered.

    Your contribution enables RVAS to offer low-cost spay and neuter services by networking with local veterinarians and mobile spay and neuter clinics.

    Animal Laws

    Did you know that it is considered Humane in Iowa to chain a dog 24 hours, 7 days a week, outside, as long as their is minimal care provided? It's true!

    Solving many of the companion animal problems that exist in our society today means changing the law, starting with your own state. Your contribution enables RVAS to "take action" in Iowa to ensure that all companion animals are treated humanely in our state and throughout the rest of the nation.

    Animal Education
    Education and awareness is the "key" to saving lives. Your contribution enables RVAS to engage our services at local schools, teaching children responsible pet ownership, along with our, many individual programs, such as, "Earn a badge from Keena" for Scout troops, Mobile adoptions, teaching humane care of an animal and our "Are you ready for an animal companion?" preparing families for the responsibility of having a pet in the family for 10-20 years.

    Approximately 30% of the companions that enter our care have special needs such as a special diet, diabetes, heartworm and FIV positive (feline aids). Companion Animals can and should have the treatment necessary to live quality healthy lives.

    Whether you sponsor a companion through our special needs program.


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