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    Molly was a beautiful 1-1/2 year old golden retriever who was discovered hanging in her back yard on March 6, 2006. When found, she was still alive and in spite of heroic efforts to save her life, Molly died in the arms of her 10 year old owner.
    Police investigators found the death highly suspicious. The family offered a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary and Rescue jumped immediately on board and offered a matching $500.00 reward in hopes of providing enough financial incentive to prompt someone to come forward with information. The news hit the media and the response was overwhelming.

    Unfortunately, no suspects were found, and the case has been ruled an accident. Though tragic, Molly's unintentional death should not be in vain but can serve as a reminder of how easily tragedy can strike dogs unattended and tethered animals.Molly's Fund will go towards preventing similar cases like these and the lobbying efforts to the laws in Iowa for tougher punishment of cruelty among animals.

    Help us stop animal abuse, cruelty and neglect by standing with RVAS as we become the "voice of compassion" for those who can not speak for themselves.

    You can make a difference by donating to Molly's Fund today!
    or via US Mail:

    make check payable to:

    Mail to:
    PO Box 38
    Boone, IA 50036

    Testimonials from Molly's Fund Contributors
    I'm proud to support RVAS and their efforts to educate and fight for these animals lives. While people's intentions are often good, dogs should NEVER be chained or tied out without someone present at all times. Would you leave your toddler outside alone? People who have to use chains as a source of confinement for their dogs, shouldn't own them.
    ~Ann W. of Te xas
    We are horrified to learn that Molly died from the result of tethering. While we believe that the Weber family loved Molly dearly, our donation is to provide even more education for pet owners so that they do not fall into the same mishap causing their beloved companion it's life. Our deepest sympathy for Molly and the hard lesson the Weber family had to learn. Let's hope that all dogs chained or tethered are watched by their owners at all times so that no more Molly's suffer a horrible death.
    ~Miss Katie Barnsworth
    I am so impressed that an animal shelter is offering a reward in the Mollie (Weber Family) case...your organization has truly put their money behind a worthy cause...what a tragic aspect of life for a young child to discover...first, the horror of what happened to his dog...and then that there are people capable of such acts........
    ~ an animal lover
    I wish more animal shelters would step up like you and focus more on changing the laws in this state! It's ok to save lives, but it isn't enough! Thank you Raccoon Valley for making a difference!
    W.R. Smith
    When will people start stepping up to this crap? The public needs to start supporting the organizations that help the animals. You have my support with my donation! Thank you for all you do!
    ~ Mary R.
    We are so excited to finally have found an organization that uses our contributions to really make a difference for companion animals. This program, as well as all of your programs, really put forth an explanation of where our money is going. And to receive updates is equally as exciting! THANK YOU, RVAS!
    ~ Sarah Sickels, Montana



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