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    Cesar Millan

    Cesar Millan has launched his online coaching course, Sessions with Cesar, to assist dog owner's with their dog's behavior and to help them create a balanced dog.

    The course includes video live cases of unwanted behavior with ways to solve the behavior problems, as well as, plenty of printable materials and a step-by-step behavior program to assist you in achieving your goal of a balanced dog.

    RVAS has partnered with Sessions with Cesar to bring you in-home consultation, along with the course, to help you achieve your goals with your dog.

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    Cesar Millan is best known for his television show on the National Geographic Channel's The Dog Whisperer, but don't be fooled, he has alot more to offer then a weekly "rehabilitation" show for dogs!

    His behavior expertise is sweeping across this nation and pet owners from everywhere are following his "leadership". With over 30 years of experience in dog behavior studies, Cesar Millan teaches the average pet owner how to rehabilitate their dog's unwanted behavior, while subtly training the human to be a true pack leader. Through simple formulas like exercise, discipline and affection (in that order), anyone who is willing can have a balanced dog.

    With two best-selling books, (Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding anc Correcting Common Dog Problems, and Be The Pack Leader) , his Mastering Leadershipl DVD Series and his television show, Cesar is now adding to his followers a hands-on online course which will coach dog owners through rehabilitating their dog's behavior and establishing themselves as a permanent pack leader. Dog owners can choose 1 of 6 Issue-specific lessons that will allow them to directly address their dog’s primary behavioral issue or situation.

    To learn more about Sessions With Cesar or to sign up for his course, please click here.


    "I loved it! I was thrilled to see Cesar Millan offering this course. I was surprised by the amount of information provided for the money, and found this course beneficial in all aspects of my life. To receive 6 months to take the course and work with my dogs to start the process of achieving more positive results, is well worth the money! I have already revisited some of the lessons and re-learned even more. My dogs and my relationship will never be the same!"

    Cesar Millan Fan & Balanced Dog Owner

    The Sessions with Cesar program is such a helpful and fantastic product.  Well worth the cost.  I was able to take my time, and with my busy schedule that was important ! and do all the lessons one by one.  I did have a little bit of difficulty with the audio lessons (video were fine) but I found out that it was because my flash player was outdated.  Once I downloaded the newest version of Flash, I was able to hear everything.

    The questions and answers at the end of each lesson are pretty easy, as long as you pay attention to all of the components of each lesson.  The video lessons are especially informative.  It is great being able to see exactly what Cesar does in relation to the various dog issues, while reading about it at the same time and answering questions. 

    It would be really neat if an option for multiple-dog households was available.  I know there are probably a lot of folks out there like me who have more than one dog, and that can present far different challenges than in a single-dog environment.

    I hope a lot of people use Sessions With Cesar to learn how to better understand our canine friends.

    K.S. Mueller
    Cape Cod, Massachusetts

    I found the Sessions with Cesar classes to be very informative and  helpful. I usually watch "The Dog Whisperer" so wondered how many new  things I would learn. There was so much new info on Sessions! It is  much more in depth than the show plus it shows how to do the things  you see on his show in an easy to follow step by step format. There  were videos, worksheets and printable info to save for future  reference. I loved that I was able to choose the course of study that  applied most to my dog after I finished the basic course. I work in  dog adoption and would love it if all of our adopters could take the  New Dog Session. If people followed Cesar's suggestions on how to  bring a new dog into their home I know the dog and the adopters would  have no trouble making the adjustment. I highly recommend Sessions  With Cesar if you are thinking about adopting a new dog or puppy or  working with a dog that has behavior problems such as anxiety,  hyperactivity, fear or aggression.

    Joanne Johnson
    Greyhound Crossroads


    I signed up for the Sessions with Cesar, and have really been surprised at how comprehensive they were!  Cesar does an excellent job of explaining some of the things I've seen on his show and didn't really understand.  Thanks for pointing me in that direction.  I wish I could go to the seminar, but it's just too far away.  I hope someone puts it up on YouTube for those of us who can't go!

    Terry S



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