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    Owner Surrender

    We acknowledge that, for some individuals, surrendering their animal may be a very trying and emotional experience; however, we cannot over emphasize the trauma this action also places on the affected animal. Consequently, as you read on, you will discover that our surrender policies tend to prioritize the animal’s needs and well being above any other concerns.

    Re-Homing is a service we provide, for a fee to qualified individuals and is not to be construed as a “public service” since, as a non-profit organization; we do not receive any government funding to provide such services. Our Re-Homing Program is designed to do just what the name implies…re-home companion animals! Since we are not a shelter and rely on in-home care provided by temporary adopters, we are not the organization to call at the last minute. Many people expect to be able to just “drop them off." This does not work with us. The arrangements for the proper care of your animal require considerable planning and coordination on our part and we do not compromise this aspect of our program. While we realize that this is a difficult decision for you, more often than not, there is a viable solution available that can allow your pet to remain in the home. With proper in-home consultation, networking with other organizations and effort on your part we can work together to find the right solution for you and your companion.

    Before We Begin

    Chances are, if you’re still reading this page then hopefully, you have given this action considerable thought and have exhausted all other possible solutions. Once committed to our program, there’s no turning back. So, before we begin the re-homing process, please ask yourself, have I considered all the alternatives?  Should the reasons causing you to consider this action be behavioral, we may be able to help you solve the problem.

    Be aware that if the reason given by you when surrendering your animal companion is: Soiling in the house, we deem this as a CORRECTABLE PROBLEM!  If another member of your family was constantly wetting the bed would you consider “getting rid of them” as a viable solution? Of course not! You would seek help instead of making such a drastic, irreversible decision. We can help, but not without some effort on your part. We will make certain through consultation, assessment of your companion and a home visit, that there is no other choice. Our Re-Home Program offers your companion the best opportunities possible to find a forever home through our own adoptions, networking with rescues across the country and in-home care, if that is the best solution for your companion.

    The Program

    The RVAS Re-Homing Program criteria is simple. We will use all our resources to place your companion into a suitable, lifetime home. Including, but not limited to are:

    • Picture and profiles of your animal on our website, related internet adoption sites, local media, brochures and direct mail materials.
    • Participation in RVAS' Mobile Adoption Events.
    • Exhaustive screening of prospective adopters.
    • Finalization of the Adoption Process providing your companion life and a forever home.

    To that end, we may utilize other rescue organizations or professionals to aid in behavioral modification training so that your companion can be made more adoptable.

    To be accepted into the program you and your animal companion must meet the following criteria:

    1. You agree to abide with the terms and conditions of our Re-Homing Agreement including payment of all applicable fees.
    2. You must provide us with proof of ownership. (i.e. bill of sale, adoption contract)
    3. You must provide us with all medical records. Records should include:
      1. Proof of spay/neuter (i.e. vet invoice with spay/neuter procedure.)
      2. All vaccinations including rabies and certificate (certificate MUST be provided)
      3. Canines: Heartworm test & type of preventative treatment being used.
      4. Felines: FELV/FIV tests.
      5. Animals must be parasite free (fleas, ticks, worms). Please include type of treatment.
      6. Medical profile of procedures, tests and treatment of anything other than listed above. (i.e. insulation treatments, arthritis treatment, bad teeth, etc.)
      7. Provide information of Microchips, tattoos or other identification marks or devices.
    4. You must provide us with a detailed profile of the animal’s personality; including behavioral quirks, likes and dislikes and special needs, if any.
    5. Current photos, including quality “head” shot and “full body”.
    6. The pet must live in a controlled safe environment at all times.
    7. You must agree to allow a personal assessment of the animal by an RVAS case worker at your residence.

    Meeting the above criteria does not constitute automatic acceptance into the program and RVAS reserves the right to refuse this service at its’ discretion.

    What Are The Fees For The Rehome Program?
    Saving a life has its expenses. It takes time, quality resources, a lot of hard work, and of course, money. Our goal is to make the right decision for you and your companion. We will work with you on setting up the right solution for your situation, whether it's a behavior modification program or a complete rehome. These expenses will be discussed with you before you ever sign onto the program.

    Where Do We Go From Here?

    Statistics show that approximately 65% of surrendered companions that enter “traditional’ shelters are put to death after a few days primarily because there’s not enough room or time to give the animal time to adjust to its’ new environment. Most shelters will have you sign a "release form" or "surrender form" giving up all rights to your companion. Rarely do these animals have the opportunity to be readopted therefore going from their home, to a cage, to a box...death!

    Those statistics are even higher in senior pets, special needs pets and those with behavior problems.

    We ask that you truly re-evaluate your reasons for surrendering your companion. In most cases, your pet didn't pick you, you picked him or her. You accepted responsibility for that life as he or she became solely dependent on you, your kindess and your love. Placed into the shelter environment, many pets simply can not adapt and are left frightened, lonely and react accordingly; developing behavior problems that are often misunderstood as aggressive or anti-social and subsequently, cause them to be labeled “un-adoptable.”  The net result is that they die a lonely and frightening death at the hands of strangers. We suggest you read How Could You to gain a different perspective on the experience you and your pet are about to go through.

    As Central Iowa’s leading no-kill animal welfare organization, we recognize that we can’t save them all, so we focus on those we can save. That’s why we established our Re-Home Program, as a means to make a difference for you and your companion and hopefully, change traditional attitudes toward disposing of unwanted companion animals due to inconvenience or behavior issues.

    If you feel that our program is the right one for you, contact us and an RVAS representative will make arrangements to discuss your situation and set up a home assessment. Please include contact information where you can be reached, both day and night, including email. We look forward to helping you, save your companion's life.

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